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Jeff Bates Celebrates 15 Years

By September 27, 2018 No Comments

News Release

Media Contact: Krista Kappes, krista.kappes@thunderseed.com


Jeff Bates Celebrates 15th Years at Thunder Seed

FARGO, ND – (September 26, 2018) Thunder Seed is excited to surprise Jeff Bates with a 15-years of service celebration! Jeff has been serving Thunder Seed and its customers since May of 2003. Currently his role as Production and Logistics Manager keeps him extremely busy, but not only does he get things done – “he always does them well, and he always does them right!” states Crystal Adams, Thunder Seed Chief Operating Officer. Over those 15 years, Adams declares, Jeff has “Built lasting work relationships up and down the Red River Valley. He has become such a trusted advisor in his work, he has become a trusted and dear friend to so many customers. Thunder Seed is so appreciative to Jeff for all his years of service and friendship to the Thunder Seed team!”

Throughout his career, Bates has held the positions of Chief Production Officer, District Sales Manager, Logistics Coordinator, and everything in between. Thunder Seed commends Bates on his level of commitment to both his customers and coworkers. Adams notes, “The crazy hours Jeff has worked in the seed industry at Thunder Seed in the past 15 years has not gone unnoticed. A special thank you to Jeff for all his hard work and dedication…and an ever MORE special thank you to Kirsten for tolerating those crazy hours! We appreciate you both!”


When Bates takes a break from the seed industry, he spends time with his beautiful family – his wife, Kirsten, and their three children, Evan, Sam, and Malea, while volunteering with church and school board activities. He also makes himself available to assist neighboring farmers, and enjoys fishing at the lake, but above all, he makes plenty of time for his family. Thunder Seed knows Bates is a “true family man…and is so respected for this!”

Thanks and congratulations to Jeff Bates for 15 years of helping Thunder Seed grow, and for growing with us.



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